Pakistani Pastor Continues to Minister to Community Even After Being Attacked and Forced Out of Home

FMI is joining hands with Persian-speaking pastors for a movement of the Gospel.

Today, 110 million people ranging from Iran to Russian speak Persian, also known as Farsi. Learn more here. There are signs of disillusionment in the region as people search for answers, says Bruce Allen of FMI.

“Some are just giving up on religion totally, and they’re becoming atheists. Others are saying, ‘it’s not Islam, what is it?’ …There’s this huge spiritual hunger, and people are really investigating the claims of Jesus Christ,” Allen says.

As a result, FMI’s last shipment of 300 Persian-language Bibles was distributed within days due to high demand.

Partnerships for Good

Through partnerships with local church planters and believers, FMI is spreading the Gospel message at the local church’s pace with their needs in mind. Read more about FMI’s approach to outreach here.

“We’re coming alongside and truly saying, ‘we are a partner with you in ministry,’” he says.

One of FMI’s recent Persian speaking partners is a man known as Pastor Aziz. He focuses his outreach towards the Persian Speakers of Iran and Pakistan.

Aziz has a heart for the Persian people, says Bruce Allen of FMI.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kali Katerberg