‘All Nations’ Missions Group Says the Life and Death of Missionary John Chau Has Inspired Others To Enter Mission Field

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the death of missionary John Allen Chau.

He was trying to bring the Gospel to an isolated tribe of people on the island of North Sentinel located between India and Southeast Asia.

Chau, 27, took a ride with local fishermen to India’s North Sentinel Island, which is home to a tribe of hunter-gatherers, who are cut off from the outside world.

A diary entry dated in early November 2018 chronicled how an island boy attempted to shoot him while he preached in his kayak during initial contact. The arrow hit his Bible. Authorities believe that the islanders shot and killed Chau during a later visit when he traveled to the island with the help of local fishermen.

In an interview with CBN’s Newswatch Thursday, Dr. Pam Arlund, international team member of the Kansas City, Missouri-based missions group All Nations with which Chau was affiliated, said the young man’s example has inspired others to pursue missions work.

“We are so pleased to remember John Chau and the amazing love that he had for a people he never met,” Arlund said. “And so, one year after his death, we are asking ourselves how can we best honor his death and honor his service and sacrifice. So we have decided the best way is to continue to do what he did, which is to share the Love of Jesus.”

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SOURCE: CBN News, Steve Warren