Luis Palau Says Lung Cancer is ‘at Bay’ Two Years After Diagnosis and Announces He is Passing Mantle of Ministry to His Sons

World-renowned evangelist Luis Palau revealed his cancer is now at bay, though doctors had given him months to live when he was diagnosed two years ago. And now he’s ready to fully pass the mantle of ministry to his sons.

At the top of 2018, the beloved minister made the unexpected announcement that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Months later, in a Thanksgiving Day update, Palau testified that he was defying the odds and doing much better than doctors had anticipated. Now, two years after the diagnosis, Palau says his cancer is under control because of their care regiment.

In March 2018, Palau shared that after two months of chemotherapy, the doctors were amazed at the results of his CT scan and blood work. All tumors had shrunk by one-third and there was no new growth of the tumors. The results were so uncommon for someone with stage 4 cancer that Palau said the doctors were stunned.

Again, at the end of last year, “One of the tumors actually shrank slightly!” he wrote on his website.

“I’m actually feeling quite well. And the cancer seems to be kept at bay with the current protocol,” he said.

Since then, the Luis Palau Association has carried on with multiple initiatives and in a new interview with CBN, the minister said it’s time for him to step out of the way and let his sons and those that follow continue on with the ministry freely.

He said moving aside and allowing Andrew and Kevin Palau to take up the ministry mantle will be “without relinquishing love and caring for my sons.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law