Audio Bibles in Kenya are Well-worn and in High Demand

Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope

Kenya is largely Christian, but many believers don’t have access to Bibles. And even if they do, not all of them can read. Approximately 22 percent of Kenyans are illiterate.

That makes solar-powered audio Bibles invaluable since people can listen to God’s Word in their heart language. Kenya Hope sends teams to distribute solar-powered audio Bibles and Joy Mueller with Kenya Hope says it’s very emotional.

“When we go into the villages, we give out hundreds of Bibles. And you know what? We’re driving away every time with people still saying, ‘I didn’t get one! Where is mine?’ There are just literally thousands of people who don’t have God’s Word.”

Each of Kenya Hope’s audio Bibles is about the size of a cell phone, making it very portable. On the back, a solar panel powers the device without the need for electricity. And each audio Bible is pre-loaded with Scripture in the community’s heart language.

“In Kenya alone, there are over 42 languages and we can’t personally learn all of them,” Mueller says. “But we just find that by giving out the audio Bibles, it’s kind of like a little evangelist…. Even after we leave that community for that trip, that little evangelist just keeps proclaiming God’s Word.”

Because they don’t always have enough audio Bibles to go around, Kenya Hope teams try to distribute the devices primarily to those who can’t read or who prefer oral communication.

The stories they come back with are powerful.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for Kenya’s Christians to grow deep and strong roots into God’s Word.
  • Ask the Lord to use the Kenyan Church as a beacon of His truth and grace.
  • Pray for Kenya Hope to be encouraged as they reach the nation with Christ’s love.