Christian Streaming Services See Increase in Viewership as Families Turn to Faith-Based Entertainment in Lockdown

Thousands of families have relied on streaming media services for entertainment while they shelter-in-place during state lockdowns and Christian streaming services in particular are seeing a rise in viewership and membership.

Pure Flix, a service offered on a variety of devices, features a mix of family-friendly and Christian entertainment for all ages. Among its content are nostalgic films and shows such as “Family Affair,” “Bonanza,” and “Lucy” along with many others. A representative of the service told The Christian Post that they had seen a 40% increase in membership since the shelter-at-home orders began in March.

Pure Flix says it provides viewers with “trustworthy content for their families” and parents don’t have to worry that their children might view inappropriate content. Some viewers started their Pure Flix membership during a free promotional offer as states instituted lockdown orders that required business to shut down and Americans to stay home. The family friendly streaming service also allowed its members to pay-it-forward by covering membership costs for others who can’t afford it and Pure Flix matched their  contributions.

“We are in an unprecedented time that has left so many with doubts, concerns and questions. Pure Flix believes the family is of critical importance during such uncertainty. So we’re working to inspire audiences through faith and family-friendly TV shows, movies, original series and educational programs,” Michael Scott, foundering partner of Pure Flix Entertainment told CP.

“With a massive 40% membership increase during this time, we continue to draw more and more people closer to God and to each other by offering content that strengthens the faith and values of you and your family. We have also given away tens of thousands of memberships to individuals and families in need,” he added.

A new promotion is inviting others to give a $40 donation and Pure Flix will provide an individual or family with a year’s membership to Pure Flix.

VidAngel, an entertainment platform and original content studio that was created to help families filter out language, nudity and violence in movies and TV shows, has also offered free access to their entire lineup during the shutdown and has seen a spike in subscriptions. The company’s daily growth rate increased by 50 times.

The company first made national news when Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilms, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros all filed a lawsuit against it, claiming the video streaming service was infringing on their copyrighted material. However, they have since bounced back and are now using modern streaming platforms such as iOS, Android, and ROKU to enable families to stream and filter shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO through VidAngel’s services.

VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon told CP that they knew they had to offer people something to help lift their spirits during this worldwide pandemic and others are now following suit.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law