Miles McPherson Writes an Open Letter to the Church: Are You Ready to Rethink Ministry in This Crazy New World?

Dear Church,

Can we all agree that life will never be the same again?

It has happened before. The Civil, First and Second World Wars changed the way we lived. And so has the Great Pandemic of 2020. How we will go about our lives has been forever altered. How businesses operate will change. How we do school, and social interactions, and publicly assemble, and travel, and see our doctors, and…

The mind can go crazy thinking about it.

It means that everything in this new world must be rethought. Perhaps if 2020 will be known as the year of the Great Pandemic, it will also be known as the year of the Great Rethink. That is why I would like to encourage all churches, from clergy down to the attendee, to not get caught believing that we can go into the “new normal” with an old church model.

I don’t mean mere social distancing at church or streaming our services online or Bible study by video conference. Our churches will need to view their mission as far more in the streets than in the sanctuary. The unemployment numbers in our country are staggering. The tidal wave of need from that alone will reach across our communities and bring much pain. And that is not solely people in need of financial aid. It’s the deep reverberations that will stem from the coming unemployed class — social unrest, physical needs unmet, criminal behavior, educational opportunities lost, marital problems causing family destabilization…

The mind can go crazy thinking about it.

Will we be ready to be the hands and feet of God in that new world?

Rock Church has developed something called the Do Something Church® model. It was created as a way to parley to churches, organizations and lay teams, how to heighten effectiveness and efficiency when trying to reach as many needs in your community as possible. It is based on four specific actions and taken from the life of Christ.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Miles McPherson