How Bibles For The World Is Partnering With Local Christians to Transform Nations

John and Lawm Pudaite of Bibles For The World visit press in China where Bibles are being printed. (Courtesy of John Pudaite)

John Pudaite’s family may have come from a headhunting tribe in Northeast India, but today he leads Bibles For The World. In the 45 years since its founding, the organization has shared God’s Word to more than 120 nations.

“We try to focus on strategic distribution of God’s Word, especially where we see things happening, where the Holy Spirit is working,” Pudaite says. “We know that people, as they’re being reached and come to Christ, they need God’s Word.”

Bibles For The World partners with local Christians who evangelize their own people.

“We build off of their existing ministry and come alongside them and support them and equip them and encourage them as they reach their own people,” Pudaite says. “They can do it far better than we can.”

The mission’s leadership looks for where God is already active, then comes in to assist local believers.

“We’re there as we hear that God is working, the Holy Spirit is in action, and these people, this church, this ministry, is going out and reaching their fellow people, then we want to be there and provide God’s Word for them,” Pudaite says. “So at any given time, we may have about five to eight countries that we are actively focusing on. We always have an ongoing focus in India. There’s such a tremendous need. The most unreached people groups in the world are in the country of India.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News