WATCH: Tauren Wells Tackles ‘Fake Faith’ Culture in Churches That Leads to Christians Suppressing Their Feelings in Speech at Remnant Conference 2020

Tauren Wells speaks during Remnant Conference 2020 | YouTube/Deeper Fellowship Church

At a recent young adult conference, singer Tauren Wells spoke to the “fake faith” culture in churches that leads to Christians suppressing their feelings.

Speaking at Remnant Conference 2020, hosted last week by Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando and streamed online due to the nationwide restrictions on large gatherings, Wells addressed the stigma against expressing one’s feelings in church.

“I grew up in church and I went to a lot of church stuff, a lot of youth rallies, a lot of conferences, a lot of stuff that you could be involved in. It always seemed like there was this gap between what I believed about Jesus and how I felt,” he said to the thousands streaming the conference.

The Grammy-nominated artist explained that there was a separation between his faith and his feelings and that in order for him to “truly feel something,” he had to step out of his faith or lay down his feelings altogether.

“I want to come at that idea today that faith and feelings are categorically separated, that they are mutually exclusive, that they do not only coexist but that they work together to produce an inward holiness in us being made whole by God,” said Wells, who serves as a worship leader and speaker at Lakewood Church in Houston.

“We love this idea as Christians, we like to say things like this, ‘We elevate faith over feelings. We faith it, until we make it.’ We have these ideas as Christians, we really don’t need to feel what’s happening, we can just get in this place of God’s presence and somehow forget about everything else. But I’m kind of coming for that idea today because I don’t believe that the solution is just elevating faith over feelings or ‘faithing it’ until we make it, or we don’t live by our feelings, we live by our faith.”

“Well, if I’m depressed but I still love Jesus, what do I do then?” he asked.

The father of three declared that he’s no less a Christian or follower of Jesus if he’s struggling with his feelings. The tension of ignoring or numbing what one is feeling within one’s soul has too much dissonance for him.

“We believe in Jesus that He is able to save, He’s able to heal, He’s able to deliver and yes, all of those things are true. But does that mean that we no longer have permission to feel within the context of this human existence?” he posed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law