TeachBeyond Provides Food and Education to Locals Living in Ethiopian Slums Devastated by Floods, Locusts and Coronavirus

(Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond)

You name it, and Ethiopia has faced it in the last several weeks. Floods, economic crises, the everpresent coronavirus, and even locusts have hit Ethiopia, and communities already suffering from poverty are ill-equipped to respond.

That’s especially true for Korah, a former leper community turned urban slum. Most locals live in tarp-covered homes or mud huts and make their living scavenging the city dump or begging in the streets.

Month after month of rain during the summer means intense flooding. Dirt floors and walls turn to mud, Road swamp, preventing anyone from traveling or getting good. Plastic roofs give way beneath continued downpouring.

Then, when COVID-19 comes calling, citizens are asked to self-quarantine. That’s much harder to do when your home is a pile of mud and you’re crammed side by side with other impoverished families.

To recap: food is scarce now that locusts are eating it up; prices for what food remains climb higher and higher due to Ethiopia’s economic crisis; floods are sweeping away roads and homes, so locals can’t beg or scavenge to make any money to buy food anyway; and COVID-19 means people are forced to stay away from large public gatherings and markets. The people of Korah have no homes, no food, and no money.

So the local Church is stepping up.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt