Refugee’s Odyssey Leads to Gospel Riches in Greece

The dank shelter a young refugee mother and her family took in an abandoned building in Athens was not the European life they had envisioned.

The illiterate woman and her nominally Muslim family had managed to get to Greece after first fleeing to Turkey from Syria. Native missionaries in Greece helped them to survive in Athens, supplying them with food, clothing and enough money to put down mattresses in their mildewed dwelling, but then police arrived and ordered everyone to evacuate.

Authorities transferred the squatters to a refugee camp in Corinth, where her family shared a large tent with 10 other families. By then, however, workers at the native ministry had told the young mother about Christ, and she had put her faith in the death and resurrection of God’s Son for salvation.

Henceforward, she said after giving her life to Christ, her name would be Lydia*. When the native ministry invited her family and other refugees to a three-day conference of worship, teaching and prayer in Athens a month later, it was this new creature in Christ that greeted the ministry director in tears, saying, “Thank you for caring for us and for not forgetting us, even though we are away now.”