Rebecca St. James Says God ‘Radically Called’ Her Back to Nashville and Music After Seven-Year Hiatus, Discusses Her New Podcast “Friends & Family”

Grammy Award-winning Christian pop star Rebecca St. James has reemerged after a long hiatus. She said God radically called her out to release new music and a podcast during tumultuous times.

James said that God’s call to upend her life in California and move back to Nashville with her family was for such as time as this. Her new podcast on AccessMore, “Rebecca St. James Friends and Family,” is a space where the singer and her friends and family authentically tackle subjects such as faith, parenting, and relationships. Her upcoming album will also be purposefully filed with power-packed songs for churches to connect with the presence of God.

The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with James where she details her new journey and shares about her upcoming album and the topics she will explore in her podcast.

Rebecca St James launches new podcast “REBECCA ST. JAMES FRIENDS AND FAMILY” | 130 Agency

Christian Post: You took a hiatus from the Christian entertainment scene for some time. Can you share a little bit about your life since we’ve seen you last and why you decided to step back into music and now a new podcast?

James: For those that think I’ve been gone from the scene for a while, I have, they’re right. I kind of unofficially retired about seven years ago and that was about a year before our first daughter was born. So we have a six-year-old and a two-year-old and then I’m 28 weeks pregnant. So our little family’s growing. About three years ago, God just radically called me back to music and it’s kind of a big story in itself, but I wasn’t looking for it. I was just loving, living this dream of being wife and mama. Also, knowing that God had given me these other giftings to do with music and other things, but I had very happily laid that down seven years ago and thought that I may never sing again.

Then He just got a hold of my heart in a very kind of Damascus experience way, like scales falling from my eyes, and I knew in this one moment in time, I just knew God had called me back to music. My husband and I, both of us were in sync about that. We moved to Nashville with our little family. I’d lived here, but they had been in California for 10 years. So it was just really radical.

So I’ve been working on a new album for about a year and a half, just writing and working on it. We’re wrapping that up right now. It comes out in mid-July.

CP: Your new album is being pegged a “modern worship” album. Can you explain what that means?

James: With the music end, we’ve just really had a goal of equipping the church. There’s a lot of worship out there, right? There’s a lot of great worship out there, anointed worship out there. But creating new songs that feel really anointed, fresh and Holy Spirit-led that the church can use in worship, that’s been one of the big goals. Then the other goal has been to create something that feels very modern and fresh and has this energy and joy about it that I want to bring to the table. So marrying those has been, at this point in my life and also being a busy wife and mom, has been a challenge.

We’re in a space right now where we’re wrapping up the album and it’s just so joyous. Just seeing God bring this project to completion is just really exciting. The single is now on radio; it’s called “Battle Is the Lord’s.”

CP: Can you share about your new podcast? Why is it important for yourself as a Christian to have a platform like AccessMore to talk about faith and family and relationships? 

James: There’s just a lot of feelings of isolation, I think, with what we’re working through in this year with coronavirus and just all the confusion and the turmoil in our world and in our nation right now. A lot of people are feeling scared and alone and isolated and are looking for truth. They’re looking for encouragement. They’re looking for this sense of not being alone, and not being alone in their pain or fear and just looking for something that feels really authentic and kind of like a hug. I feel like this podcast, I’ve actually had that feedback given from somebody that just spoke to me about it recently. He said, “I just loved how it felt so real and felt this hug. That’s how it felt afterward.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law