Jerry Wiles on A True Story of a Transformed Community

An Orality Training for Trainers (OT4T) in Awasa, Ethiopia

At a follow up Orality Training in Southern Ethiopia, a gentleman approached me, gave me a picture and told me a story.  The picture was very blurred, but the story was quite remarkable.  Over a period of five years or so, Living Water International, in partnership with churches in Ethiopia, trained more than 1,200 pastors, evangelists and church planters.  Upon return trips we always heard amazing stories of impact and how the Orality methods and strategies were being reproduced.

One of the evangelists who had participated in a previous training gave me the picture and told me the story.  He had been reaching out to a Muslim community and had told the Bible stories from the training.  After telling some of the stories and engaging in conversations, the village chief, who was also a Muslim Imam, asked a question. He said, “Can Isa (Jesus) still do miracles today?”  The evangelist said, “Yes, He can.”  The village chief then explained that his ten year old daughter had gone missing for several days.  In a state of desperation, the chief said if Isa (Jesus) could help find his daughter, he would become a follower of His.

The Power of God’s Word and Prayer

The evangelist prayed with the chief and his family and called on the Lord to help find the daughter.  The next day they found the daughter.  As a result, the chief embraced the gospel and confessed Christ.  Not only that, his whole family came to the Lord.  Over time, the entire community was transformed by becoming followers of Jesus.  In the 30 year history of Living Water International, we’ve heard many stories of communities being transformed.  The “Transforming power of Water and the Word” has been a resounding theme over the years, and there is no one formula or recipe for God’s activity. He is creative and unlimited in how He does it, and in many cases we are amazed and surprised at His wonderous works.

Sometimes people hear these remarkable stories of what God is doing around the world, and think — that could never happen here.  That reminds me of a quote from A. W. Tozer, when he said, “Anything God has ever done at any time, He can do now.  Anything He has ever done anywhere, He can do here.  And, anything He has ever done through anyone, He can do through you.”  That should certainly be an encouragement to any and all of us who are followers of Jesus.  We are all indwelt by His life, temples of the Holy Spirit, equipped and enabled for His divine activity.

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SOURCE: Assist News