Young Woman in Mexico Escapes Drugs and Abusive Relationships and Finds Jesus Christ

Not long after a young woman in central Mexico left her abusive husband and their two children, she got involved with another man who beat her – and got her hooked on drugs.

He introduced Lorena* to a life of drugs, alcohol and petty crime that she had never known. His violence and mistreatment soon drove her to try to leave him, but she was addicted to the drugs she could get only from him, a local ministry leader said.

Family members stepped in and got her admitted to a substance abuse rehabilitation program. She came out clean but soon returned to the drugs that helped her escape the hurt in her life – the abusive relationship in which she was still enmeshed, and the pain of having left her children.

“She was like in a dark tunnel with no end,” the ministry leader said. “Time passed, and Lorena went deeper and deeper into drugs.”