Keys for Kids’ ‘Unlocked’ Teen Devotional Turns One Year Old

The logo for Unlocked. (Photo courtesy of Unlocked on Facebook)

Keys for Kids’ teen devotional tackles tough topics through multiple genres and a Gospel lens.

Unlocked was born when camp directors reached out to Keys for Kids Ministries and asked for a resource for teen campers. An editorial assistant at the time, Kandi Zeller helped shape what the new devotional would be. This month, Unlocked celebrates its first anniversary.

Now the Unlocked Editor, Zeller describes the vision behind the devotional. “It is a daily teen devotional that is sort of like Keys for Kids. But instead of just having the stories every day, we have different genres every day. So, you might have sci-fi fantasy, you might have poetry, you might have an essay, and all of those daily devotions connects back to the Gospel. How does Jesus and what He did affect the topic we’re talking about?”

Unlocked doesn’t shy away from tough topics such as sexuality, mental health, and grief. Zeller says, “Our whole mindset is that we will address any topic because the Gospel addresses everything. Because we are keeping it Scripture-rooted and centered on Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, that gave us a framework to move into these conversations because they are so important.”

Not everyone is happy to see Keys for Kids tackling tough topics from a Gospel-centered perspective, Zeller says. “Sometimes that does result in some angry letters. But we also hear back from people saying this has been really helpful that we engaged with these difficult subjects.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


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