Luis Palau Says the Word of God is the ‘Key’ to Bringing Wayward Children Back to Christ

Luis and Andrew Palau speak at the 2020 Promise Keepers virtual event | Facebook/Promise Keepers

International evangelist Luis Palau has encouraged Christian parents to instill biblical principles in their children from the earlier years, citing the Word of God as the “key” to bringing wayward kids back to Christ.

In a message delivered at the two-day virtual Promise Keepers 2020 Men’s Conference, Luis and Andrew Palau, leaders of the Luis Palau Association, shared how Scripture memorization and a faithful witness contributed to Andrew’s conversion as a young adult.

Before Andrew was born, Luis Palau’s mother told him his unborn son would be the “next evangelist.”

“I took it seriously as from the Lord because she was a godly woman,” Luis, known as the Billy Graham of Latin America, said. “She was a prayerful woman.”

But while Andrew was a “good son,” “he didn’t know Jesus Christ and we knew that,” Luis said.

“My wife used to say, ‘If he’s got feathers like a bird, if he flies like a bird, if he chirps like a bird, he’s a bird, and Andrew is not a child of God,’” he recalled. “People were shocked when she would say that, but she would say, ‘No, but he will be someday,’ and he was.”

When Andrew was working across the country, Luis would send him letters — and each one included a Bible verse.

“Every letter had a Bible verse and I really drove it home,” Luis said. “I remember saying to the Lord, ‘Lord, what do I tell Andrew? I mean, he knows the Gospel, but what do I tell him? And I felt the Lord saying to me, ‘Just remind him that God has a plan and a purpose.’ So I often used to say, ‘Andrew, God has a plan for your life, and it’s got to be glorious because it’s of God.’”

At 27 years old, Andrew embraced Christianity after hearing his father preach at an evangelistic event in Kingston, Jamaica.

“For the 1,000th time, I heard about the cross and the spirit and the promise of eternity and a purpose for living. And it was God’s time for me,” Andrew said. “Dad has helped me to grow since then.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett