Hezbollah Influence Cause of Worry for Lebanon

“I didn’t hear a boom daddy! Cause I was looking at the three angels standing in front of us.” (Photo, caption courtesy Uncharted Ministries)

As Lebanon’s chaos continues, new information leads to broader questions and observations. For example, Hezbollah – a known terrorist group – wields significant power in Lebanon. Were they connected to last week’s explosion?

Initial evidence says ‘no,’ but critics have their doubts.

“I don’t think it [was] a terrorist act of Hezbollah, but this is what Hezbollah was going to use to make bombs,” Uncharted Ministries’ Tom Doyle says. He points to the mass quantity of explosive material stored in a port warehouse as the source of his suspicion.

“Ammonium nitrate is used to make fertilizer and, of course, high powered explosives.”

Doyle isn’t the only one voicing apprehension. Times of Israel cites reports claiming that the Mossad tipped off European intelligence agencies last year about Hezbollah storing caches of ammonium nitrate for use in bombs in London, Cyprus, and elsewhere.

While acknowledging that “determining Hezbollah’s guilt based on its control over Beirut’s Port is relying on circumstantial evidence, at best,” research analyst David Daoud adds:

As Lebanon’s strongest faction — possessing its own shadow state, media organs, influential parliamentary bloc, and ministerial presence — Hezbollah may have been uniquely positioned to rectify this dangerous oversight. And yet it failed to do so.

According to Daoud’s claim, Hezbollah failed to intervene and prevent mass casualties. The Lord’s protection, however, faithfully remained. Read about “Jesus miracles” and divine intervention in Beirut.

As investigations into last week’s disaster continue, Doyle warns of Hezbollah’s influence on Lebanese society.

“[Terrorists’] obsessive frenzy to kill people they hate blinds them to the needs of the people they supposedly love. Look at how the people live in Gaza with Hamas, Afghanistan with the Taliban, Iran with the terrorist-led regime. Look at Lebanon with Hezbollah,” Doyle notes.

“Terrorism is a self-inflicting wound on the people that the terrorists claim to protect.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


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