“2 Hearts” Actor Adan Canto Says Film Emphasizes ‘the Value of Life’ and ‘Importance of Family’

“2 Hearts” movie poster

The movie “2 Hearts” tells the true story of two couples whose journeys lead them to a life-saving miracle of love and purpose.

Actor Adan Canto told The Christian Post that he wanted to be a part of the Lance Hool film because of “the overall message of the value of life and the importance of family.”

The film stars Australian actor Jacob Elordi (“Deep Water”) in the role of Chris, “a college freshman whose love for a spirited classmate played by Tiera Skovbye (‘Riverdale’) helps him find the purpose he has been searching for. In another place and time, Adan Canto plays Cuban exile Jorge, who falls for well-traveled flight attendant Leslie, played by Radha Mitchell (‘The Shack’). Though they were never meant to meet, fate has something entirely unexpected in store for both couples that dramatically changes the course of their lives,” the film’s synopsis says.

Jorge and Leslie Bacardi’s marriage faced many obstacles yet the couple remained hopeful and committed to each other. Canto said in 2020 while so many relationships are faced with the strain of what’s going on in the world, it’s important to stick together.

“Hardship is very revealing with relationships, and even with oneself, with one’s relationship with oneself,” Canto said. “It’s easy to live in realities when everything’s in autopilot and moving smoothly. But when hardship knocks on your door, that’s when the truth is revealed either from one’s own character, or the relationships that you’ve been building with the people around you.”

“There’s a saying that I’ve always loved, I forget where I read it or who said it, but [it says] ‘You have to decide if you want to be right, or if you want to be in relationship.’”

“It gets you thinking, there’s a lot behind that, it’s pretty layered. It’s invaluable to have a good group of people around you — family, your wife, professional team, people we respect and admired, and to have that inspiration every day. I think it’s really important to have that.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law