Christian Education Lacking in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

Image depicts a 7th grade class in Sudan. (Photo credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch via Flickr/CC2.0)

More than three million kids between the ages of five and 13-years old are out of school in Sudan, the UN reports. That’s one of the worst education rankings throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Multiple factors keep kids out of the classroom, including ongoing conflict, a lack of infrastructure, and gender discrimination. Public school is free by law, but school-related costs like supplies and transportation present barriers for many poor families.

Jackson* hopes to change these realities for the Next Generation. “One of my visions [is] to establish schools or [a] college of theology, and serve among my people in Nuba Mountain,” the Sudanese pastor says.

“We have Muslim background (Islamic) education for our people, but imagine if we take Christian education to our kids. Our generation can know God in good way.”

Although it’s one of Sudan’s most isolated regions, the Nuba Mountains hold the largest Christian community. More about the Nuba Mountains here.

“I want to build some schools for kids because they struggle a lot to find a school near their homes,” Jackson adds.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Intercede for Jackson’s financial struggles. Ask the Lord to provide as He sees fit.
  • Pray Jackson will have wisdom and discernment as he seeks God’s will for his ministry.
  • Pray for unity in Jackson’s church. Pray division and infighting will cease.