World Missionary Press Sends Box of Bibles to Hurricane Survivors in Nicaragua

Hurricane Iota on November 15, 2020. (Photo, caption courtesy of NOAA via Wikimedia Commons)

Initial damage reports from Hurricane Iota aren’t looking good. The storm killed dozens in Nicaragua and severely damaged or destroyed 98-percent of the infrastructure on a small Colombian island. Iota officially dissipated earlier this week, but its wrath remains.

Forecasters predict extensive rainfall over parts of Central America already deluged by back-to-back storms. Helen Williams says World Missionary Press has some good news for partners on the ground.

“This container that you and I have talked about before is leaving our docks next week to head to Honduras. It has literature on it that they’ve been waiting for for months,” Williams says.

“We think this is propitious, [how] the Lord is going to allow the Word to get there, into the hands of people, as they’re in the greatest need of encouragement and hope.”

Printed in Spanish at the WMP headquarters, these Scripture booklets point readers to Jesus.

“When you’re sitting in a pile, so to speak, you need to get your eyes lifted to eternal values. And that’s what this will do,” Williams says.

“They help people focus on something besides the thing that’s right in front of them, and the Scripture gives hope.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for mercy upon hurricane survivors and people struggling to get by in Central America.
  • Pray God will hold back future storms and give the people of this region time to recover.
  • Praise God for releasing WMP’s container and allowing it to reach believers in Honduras!