Rusty Wright on ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Movie: Will You Get What you Want?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Photo: Clay Enos / Copyright 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Suppose you could have anything you ever wanted – fame, fortune, relationships, pleasure.  Would that make you happy?  A megalomaniacal global villain is tapping human desires to help him dominate civilization.  In 1984, Wonder Woman races to foil his dastardly scheme.

After multiple postponements – many COVID-related – Wonder Woman 1984 now has opened in North American theaters and on HBO Max December 25, with global releases also in December and January.

Following 2017’s blockbuster Wonder Woman, this version introduces two new foes, Max Lord and The Cheetah.  Stars include Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Kristen Wiig (The Cheetah), and Pedro Pascal (Max Lord).  Patty Jenkins directed the Warner Bros. film.  Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer (Dunkirk, The Lion King) produced the music.

Perhaps most intriguing about this second Wonder Woman film is that Steve Trevor, the heroine’s World War One love interest who died in her first film, is back by her side in 1984.  Neither has aged.  (Amazons are immortal; U.S. Army pilots are not.)

Major players

Consider the major players in this saga rooted in the 1941-launched comic book series:

  • Wonder Woman / aka Diana Prince: An adult Amazon princess from Themyscira, a fictional island with only female inhabitants who fled Greece to escape enslavement by males. Loves people and uses her superhuman abilities to help the hurting.  Runs like a gazelle, leaps like a kangaroo on steroids, fights like a ninja warrior.  Beauty, brains, brawn, battle-tested, bighearted.
  • Steve Trevor: A WW1 Army pilot who was helping Diana rid the world of war when he died in a plane explosion.  He’s handsome and fun, but needs some generational adjustments.  He mistakes a 1984 trash can for modern art, and is unaware that radar allows his adversaries to track air flight.
  • The Cheetah / aka Barbara Minerva: a gemologist who works with Diana. Shy but warm, also funny.  Diana’s friend, but sometimes jealous, and with a dark side.  Morphs into a superhuman villainess.  “You’ve always had everything,” she complains, “while people like me have had nothing.”
  • Max Lord: A flashy businessman and salesman.  Entertainment Weekly described him as part Gordon Gekko, part Tony Robbins – that is, a greedy but inspiring motivational salesman.  Lord’s got an ancient supernatural artifact that allows him to grant wishes, but at a dreadful cost.

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SOURCE: Assist News