Video of the Day: Rescue Corgi-husky-mix is Caught Trying to Open a Box of his Family’s Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Casper had professional dog training for three months to adjust him to interacting with others and his owner described him as having a ‘very emotional’ side to him

This is the moment a cheeky corgi was caught trying to open a box of chocolates.

Six-year-old Casper is seen gnawing at a plastic box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates when he is caught by his owner at home in Svábhegy, Budapest, Hungary.

The corgi-husky-mix, who was named Casper at the shelter because he howled like a ghost, is seen struggling with the cone-shaped chocolate box on the wooden floor.

The 30-second clip sees Casper push the plastic box around the room with his nose.

His owner, who runs the casperthecrazycorgi Instagram which has 10,300 followers, captioned the clip on Christmas Day: ‘Trying to steal the family’s favourite chocolate.’

Casper was rescued from a shelter on January 8 2016 when he was one years old.

The puppy was due to be put down at the shelter because he howled and disturbed the other dogs.

The family were sent Casper from the shelter without meeting him beforehand.