Christian Human Rights Group Warns Jihadist Attacks in Nigeria Could Worsen in 2021

Screenshot of a video released by the Islamic State West Africa Province showing the killings of five kidnapped Nigerian Christians. | Intersociety

Radical Islamic militants and terrorist groups killed at least 200 people in the last two weeks of December, bringing the number of Nigerian Christians killed in 2020 to 2,400, according to a new report.

Nigerian human rights group The International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law released the report on Sunday that catalogs the killings. Intersociety’s founder and chairman of the board, Emeka Umeagbalasi, told The Christian Post that this December was one of the deadliest months on record for Nigerian Christians.

“We’ve noticed an upsurge in the killings. At least one of the reasons that I haven’t relocated to my village [for Christmas is] just to monitor what is going on,” he said. “The local media is operating under censorship.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jackson Elliott