Merchant in Laos Makes Jesus Christ Known Despite Opposition

When local missionaries in Laos shared the Gospel with a woman running a small business a little over a year ago, they had no idea she would have such spiritual impact – enough to draw the ire of a local communist official.

The way Pei Manivong* draws people to Christ is the way the word of salvation often spread in the first century: redeemed merchants and traders planting Gospel seeds as they went about their everyday business.

Buying and selling items on her route through various villages and a city, Manivong is able to make contact with many people, the leader of a local ministry said.

“Pei is Khmu, but she also is able to speak Hmong because she is a local goods salesperson, traveling around selling goods in many villages where different people groups live,” he said. “But when they want to accept Jesus, she asks them to come to her village and she then leads them to Jesus or lets them go to church in the city. There they are led to Jesus Christ and are trained about basic Christian living.”