Arkansas Governor Passes Law Banning Abortions Statewide

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Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a bill into law Tuesday banning abortions in Arkansas except in medical emergencies, which only allows the procedure to save the life of the mother.

The legislation will take effect in 90 days after the majority-Republican legislature adjourns this year’s session.

Governor Hutchinson, who has signed several major abortion restrictions into law since taking office in 2015, said he was signing the bill because of its “overwhelming legislative support and my sincere and long-held pro-life convictions.” Hutchinson also added that “SB6 is in contradiction of binding precedents of the U.S. Supreme Court, but it is the intent of the legislation to set the stage for the Supreme Court overturning current case law.”

Arkansas has become a leader in pro-life policy, as explained in an amendment to the state constitution, that is to “protect the life of every unborn child from conception until birth, to the extent permitted by the Federal Constitution.” Arkansas has enacted laws that protect both mother and unborn child against the harms of abortion, prohibit partial-birth abortion, maintain strong informed consent and parental involvement requirements, provide comprehensive health and safety requirement for abortion facilities, and establish effective limits on state taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion providers.

Liberty Counsel has filed numerous briefs to protect the unborn and to show the inherent value of human life. The first case Liberty Counsel founder and Chairman Mat Staver argued before the United States Supreme Court in 1994 was in defense of pro-life sidewalk counselors.

Liberty Counsel now defends Sandra Merritt against the vicious two-front attack launched against her by California’s attorney general and Planned Parenthood. Merritt is a courageous pro-life grandmother who exposed Planned Parenthood’s horrific trade in baby body parts. She and her co-defendant, David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress, are the first undercover journalists to be charged with a crime for undercover recordings made in the public interest in the history of California.

Liberty Counsel founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “We commend Gov. Hutchinson for his stand to protect the sanctity of human life. Every precious unborn child has the right to life. We must continue to pass legislation to make the womb a safe place once again.”

For more information, download Liberty Counsel’s booklet, The Truth About Abortion.

SOURCE: Liberty Counsel