How to be a Hope-bearer: Part 2

Yesterday, we talked about the pandemic’s toll on mental health and the need for hope in uncertain times. Today, Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries describes three tangible ways you can be a hope-bearer.

“Let me give you what I call ‘opportunities to be the face of Jesus in someone’s life,’” Hutchcraft says.

The first is remembering special days. Something as simple as sending a text message, or a card in the mail, can deliver hope to a person in need.

“You be the one who remembers an anniversary of some event in their life that nobody else would remember, but you honor that day in some way.”

Second, walk alongside your fellow human during a season of grief. “A loved one has died. They’re going through, or have just completed, a divorce. Those are opportunities to be Jesus for them,” Hutchcraft says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News,


  • Think about people in your life who need the hope of Jesus.
  • Ask God how you can reach out to them in meaningful ways. Then, follow through in obedience.