The Gospel Triumphs Over Idols in Brazil

On the banks of a river in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, a man passed through a village 50 years ago, carrying a huge cross and declaring himself the son of God.

The native Brazilian told the tribal inhabitants the world was about to end, and that only those who believed in the cross – the one he was carrying – would be rescued from the flames about to engulf the earth. Frightened, many of the ethnic Ticuna villagers began worshipping the cruciform idol.

The cross god brought with it many strict rules, but about five years ago, when villagers began doubting its c, they started shedding its ascetic regulations and turned toward heavy drinking, the leader of a local ministry said.

“Its followers returned to practicing the use of alcoholic beverages, and many fights started among them,” the leader said. “All the children and young people fell into the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the community was a total mess. There began to be fights between the parents and children.”