Friends of Zion Museum Opens 5-Star Guesthouse in Jerusalem for Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust survivors celebrate their bar and bat mitzvahs at the Western Wall, courtesy of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center. (Facebook/Friends of Zion Museum)

The Friends of Zion Museum, which celebrates Christian Zionists and their contribution to the Jewish people and to Israel, is taking on a new venture.

The museum announced it has launched a guesthouse for Holocaust survivors to stay free of charge. The guesthouse is located on the museum’s campus grounds in Jerusalem and boasts five-star amenities, a clubhouse, kitchen and dining hall, laundry rooms and warehouses. The $3 million project can accommodate up to 14 guests.

The museum is partnering with the Yad Ezer La-Haver nonprofit to bring the guesthouse to life. The first guests checked in last week. They were in Jerusalem to participate in a program that celebrates their bar and bat mitzvahs, special coming-of-age ceremonies they missed because of the genocide.

The museum hopes to welcome hundreds of other Holocaust survivors who plan to participate in their bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies this year.

“I am proud and thrilled to inaugurate this guest house today, which will serve as a home for Holocaust survivors when they come to visit Jerusalem,” FOZ founder Mike Evans said at the guesthouse’s opening ceremony.

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