Dr Michael Youssef’s ‘Finding True Peace’ Evangelistic Video Messages See Huge Response as Northern Ireland Riots Cease

Leading The Way Founder and President Dr MIchael Youssef.

At the height of the recent riots in Northern Ireland, Leading The Way launched a social media campaign over the Easter weekend, posting a series of evangelistic Finding True Peace video messages from their Founder and President, Dr Michael Youssef.

“After seeing the riots in Belfast, we decided to reach out on social media to young people across the city with these messages of hope from Dr. Youssef, as well as offering a free Finding True Peace booklet,” explains Leading The Way’s Social Media Coordinator, Paul Fenton.

The scale of the response was surprising, unexpected – and a huge answer to many prayers! On Facebook, thousands of young people watched the videos across Belfast, as well as tens of thousands across Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

Nearly 400 people visited the Finding True Peace website which provides a simple explanation of the Christian faith, and how Jesus provides the only hope to a world that increasingly needs to know the love of God in their lives.

“In the midst of so much uncertainty and tensions around the world, it’s encouraging to see how so many of the next generation, including those in Northern Ireland, are searching for true and lasting peace, which can only be found in Jesus Christ,” said Dr Youssef.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Peter Wooding