Gospel For Asia World Joins Battle Against ‘Stinkiest’ Global Health Crisis–Open Defecation

GFA World has helped install more than 32,000 toilets in OD-prone locations across Asia.

A global humanitarian organization is helping combat the world’s “stinkiest” health emergency — people defecating in the open — a new report reveal, according to GFA World.

The charity reports they are installing thousands of toilets in some of the world’s remotest and least developed areas — places where people typically relieve themselves in the bushes, by the local river, or in the street.

It’s part of a global effort to curb deadly diseases spread by people practicing open defecation, known as OD, says the agency’s new report Taking the Toilet Challenge [http://www.gfa.org/press/toilet].

OD spreads cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid and leads to chronic diarrhea — killing millions of children worldwide every year.

OD is not just a health crisis in the developing world — it’s also a serious issue in the United States, where cities such as San Francisco and Seattle are battling to find solutions among their growing homeless populations.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service