‘My Soul has Left me’: Family Grieves After Granddaughter is Discovered as One of the Victims in El Salvador Mass Grave

Jose de la Cruz, father of Mirna Cruz Lima and grandfather of Jacquelinne Palomo Lima and Alexis Palomo Lima, who were murdered by former policeman Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chavez in the site where authorities are excavating a clandestine cemetery discovered at his house and containing many bodies, most of them believed to be women in Chalchuapa, El Salvador May 27, 2021. REUTERS/Jose Cabezas

In his wrinkled hands, Jose de la Cruz held a tangled gold-colored necklace adorned with hearts and a pendant spelling out the word “love.”

The necklace belonged to his granddaughter Jacquelinne Palomo Lima, one of more than a dozen people suspected to have been murdered by a former El Savaldoran police officer, Hugo Osorio, in his home.

De la Cruz, 79, also lost his daughter Mirna Cruz Lima and grandson Alexis Palomo Lima inside that house, according to police, in an atrocity that has shocked all El Salvador. read more

“My soul has left me,” he said in an interview at his daughter’s home, the walls of which were lined with diplomas and stacks of books on literature, physics and medicine.

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SOURCE: Reuters