Mosaic Middle East Team’s Ice Cream and Pastry Shop Reopens in Northern Iraq, Providing Jobs for Youth

Young people now have work in the recently reopened bakery and ice cream shop

One of the best treats for Iraqi children and adults on a hot summer’s day is ice cream.

This week the Mosaic Middle East Team reported on the latest Nineveh SEED project, where the sweets, ice cream and pastry shop of Tel Kaif, in northern Iraq reopened bringing a small taste of normality in what was until recently a decimated conflict zone.

In a recent ministry update from Mosaic, Abdulrahman Isaac, Iraq Programme Manager for Mosaic, spoke about why this project is so important amongst the many others Mosaic Middle East has set up, including chicken farms, a bulgur wheat factory, and a calf farm project.

“Finally, the Mosaic funded project can start to bear fruit in the middle of the joys and hopes of returnee children and their families,” Abdulrahman said.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Michael Ireland