Florida Worship Leader Jenny Weaver’s Brother Found After 4 Days, Gives Life to Christ

Daniel Kolenda (R) prays with Michael Dorsey (C) (Facebook/Jenny Weaver)

Jenny Weaver helps lead worship for Daniel Kolenda’s Nations Church in Orlando, Florida, but she’s also an author, speaker and prophetic minister. Her faith was put to the test recently when her younger brother, Michael Dorsey (also known as Mike Peoples) disappeared but was safely found after four days—a miracle that resulted in Dorsey giving his life to Christ. She shares the amazing story with host John Matarazzo on a recent episode of Charisma News in both podcast and video formats. .

Dorsey, who has Type 1 diabetes, first disappeared from Lakeland, Florida, on June 17. The last messages Weaver had from him before he went missing were chilling:

“I’m about to die. I don’t know what to do” and “Please help me. I want another chance to be with my daughters.”

“What’s going on? Where are you? What’s happening?” Weaver says she messaged back. “And no response.”

Her brother had sent similar messages to their family chat, Weaver says, “asking for the family to please come help him, that people were trying to kill him, and he was going to die. And so we knew that he was here, just coming down for Father’s Day, here in this Lakeland area. And he does not live here.”

Weaver knew her brother’s Type 1 diabetes made him especially vulnerable to confusion, so when the family had not found him by the next day, she posted on Facebook ,pleading for help:

Her original post was shared 326 times. But Weaver and her husband also put feet to their prayers and posts, heading to the Lakeland area to search for Dorsey themselves. Their fear heightened as they saw the neighborhood where he had been. “We watched people come out with guns. We watched drug deals happen on the streets right in front of us as we’re going in,” she says.

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SOURCE: Charisma News