“Peace After Combat: Healing the Spiritual and Psychological Wounds of War” by Dr. Tiffany Tajiri

Cover artwork for Peace After Combat

Millions of Americans have experienced or lived with someone who has experienced deep trauma in the past year with the Covid-19 Pandemic and its related stresses and stressors.

Now, Christian psychologist and author, Dr. Tiffany Tajiri says PTSD isn’t just for combat warriors. She has written about trauma in her new book, “Peace After Combat: Healing the Spiritual and Psychological Wounds of War,” which uses both Science and Scripture to help sufferers of everyday trauma.

Dr Tajiri is a Veteran United States Air Force officer and Army psychologist, Board-certified clinical psychologist, Author and currently the chief of the largest behavioral health clinic at Fort Bliss, Texas. She is the CEO and founder of Stand Up and Recover, Inc., the creator of Rhythm Restoration, and co-author of Abundant Recovery curriculum at Abundant Church.

Her expertise is in PTSD, trauma recovery, Christian counseling, Psychological counseling, therapy, Rhythm Restoration, Military life, Family advocacy, Suicide prevention, Neuroscience, and Neuroplasticity.

In the wake of the recent ’20 Years of War’ study  (see: https://news.yahoo.com/study-military-suicide-rate-four-181229516.html?guccounter=1) on the surging suicide rate among the military population, released by Brown University and reported on by most major outlets, it seems a highly relevant opportunity for a uniquely qualified voice in our faith-based space.

Dr. Tajiri said: “The fact is that there are scientific and spiritual reasons to explain what untold thousands of combat veterans and their families are experiencing.  And while most people wouldn’t dare use the words spiritual and psychological in the same sentence, (I am) insistent that addressing both fronts is critical. We can no longer afford, as the church, to dismiss the role of science. Just as science must acknowledge the role of faith.”

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Michael Ireland