Liberal Christian ‘USA Today’ Columnist Connie Schultz is Shocked that she Even Has to Defend Her ‘Progressive’ Faith

Connie Schultz

Liberal Christian and USA Today columnist Connie Schultz published a piece on July 9 titled, “Defending my faith puts me in a mood.” The overall scope and tone of the writing is one of incredulous unbelief. Schultz is lamenting that she is now forced to defend even her version of Christianity to her progressive friends.

A liberal Christian is shocked. The rest of us are shaking our heads.

Schultz does not merely bemoan the fact that she is finding herself on the defensive, regardless of her many progressive Christian credentials. She concludes her piece by saying, “We are not creating the country we claim we want if it becomes perilous for progressive Christians to share their faith.”

Interesting claim.

Schultz obviously thought her version of progressive Christianity would be off-limits to the cancel culture mob. It seems she thought that if she accepted the major tenets of wokeism, she could conceal the fact that her organized religion had anything to do with the person of Jesus Christ.

But the wokeism cult will not cohabit with Christianity, regardless of whether that Christianity is woke or progressive or otherwise. I refer to wokeism as a cult because it makes moral claims that supersede one’s ability to hold fast to religious beliefs that may contradict it.

The wokeism cult says you cannot claim to be a Christian and a good moral person if you insist that the Bible’s claims on human sexuality are true. If you do not accept that individuals may choose to identify as a man or a woman or as a magical unicorn, then you are a bigot. And bigots are bad people. Therefore, Christians are bad people.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Jeff Struss