MENA Leadership Center Equips Believers in Dangerous Territory

Image courtesy of MENA Leadership Center.

When you hear “Middle East and North Africa,” what comes to mind?

“People think of negative things. They think of terrorism, or they think of war. We also think of great things like hummus and shwarma; they have the best food in the world!” Dr. Jennifer Murff says.

“We think of a lot of things, but we don’t usually think about how God is moving. And He’s at work.”

Dr. Murff is President and CEO of the MENA Leadership Center, a brand-new organization equipping believers in 13 countries. “Our mission is to bridge the leadership gaps and expand the capacity of Christian leaders throughout the MENA,” she says.

Last year, MLC launched six courses that trained more than 141 ministry and NGO/non-profit leaders from 13 nations and 56 organizations. This year, the organization plans to equip at least 220 leaders across the MENA region.

Take a closer look at the MENA Leadership Center.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for strength and boldness as MLC leaders face spiritual opposition.
  • Ask the Lord to encourage and empower leaders on the ground in Middle East/North Africa.