Gospel For Asia Gift Distribution Provides Man With Long-needed Wheelchair and New Sense of Freedom

A wheelchair like this one gave Hajime newfound freedom.

Hajime longed for a wheelchair.  His independence had been stripped away from him after becoming paralyzed from the waist down. He needed people to carry him whenever he needed or wanted to go somewhere.  He was bound to whatever place he sat.  And now he watched as his wife took on the role he once had as provider.

A wheelchair would give him back some sense of freedom. It would help him to be able to care for himself and to function on his own without worrying about becoming a burden to his family.  But Hajime knew that his dream of having a wheelchair was just that – a dream – and that his wife’s meager income could never produce enough money to purchase one.

A Man In Need

Before Hajime’s paralysis, he and his wife, Aafje, struggled to meet their daily needs. Despite the small, government-provided room they lived in, their finances were strained, and the couple often went without necessary things.

After Hajime’s paralysis, their financial situation worsened, and Aarje was forced to work to keep the family afloat. The couple’s three sons worked but kept their earnings to themselves, unwilling to help their parents in their time of need.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service