Syrian Refugee Receives Desperately Needed Miracle of Healing

Images courtesy of Christian Aid Mission.

A refugee trying to recover from an injury to his skull sustained in war-torn Syria was in constant pain.

Fellow refugees who had received food and other aid from local missionaries believed that kind-hearted people were healers, so they called the leader of the native ministry, believing that he was so kind he had to have the power to heal.

“When we had gone to the camp the previous Friday, we saw that Joram* was suffering from pain,” the ministry leader said. “His wife explained that even the painkillers did not work, and he was saying that his whole body was in pain and was afraid that more of his skull would crack.”

The local missionary suggested maybe his body aches were signs of COVID-19, but Joram said he had no other symptoms.

“On my way there, I prayed to God to send His Holy Spirit and heal this person because I am nothing without God’s direction,” the ministry leader said. “And with all my heart I prayed for God to heal him.”

Joram was in agony as the leader began to pray for him, his intercession as warm and deep as his faith in God. After about three minutes of praying, he heard Joram suddenly start to cry and felt him hugging his leg – and saying the pain in his body had suddenly disappeared.

“While I tried to calm him down, I started crying, because God was so great, I could not control my feelings,” the leader said.

“Unfortunately, we do not meet with such miracles every day. After Joram calmed down, we told him that God’s love saved him from his pain and how much God cared for him. Joram said openly that he wanted to believe in our God, and I can’t tell you my surprise at that moment. He asked us to visit him later, and we said that we would come again.”

Reducing the Burden

While the pandemic has struck many people in the Middle East with physical suffering and economic paralysis, refugees from Syria and other areas of conflict have been hit especially hard.

Before the pandemic they might have survived on meager incomes from scarce jobs, but now they face greater unemployment even as inflation has risen by 30 percent, the ministry leader said.

“The situation that they were barely surviving has become much worse, but your support helps to reduce the burden on their backs,” he wrote to Christian Aid Mission. “They said that being with them in this difficult process meant a lot to them.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Chances of finding jobs have become even more bleak since the onset of COVID-19, and other diseases are also becoming more common. Many Syrian refugees have only relief aid to keep them alive. Pray that God’s grace would gladden their hearts and help them recover.
  • The radiance of new lay leaders and maturing Christians within Syria is leading Muslims and others to ask how they can be so joyful, resulting in more opportunities to share the Gospel. Outreaches have resulted in 12 new churches. Pray the Lord would help workers to meet people’s urgent physical and spiritual needs.