Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe Makes Use of a Snow Making Machine to Spare the Resort from Damage as Caldor Wildfire Bares Down on Area

Snow making machines are used to spray water on the slopes of Heavenly Mountain Resort located on the California Nevada border in South Lake Tahoe

A ski resort in South Lake Tahoe thought ahead and utilized all the equipment at their disposal, including a snow making machine to spare the resort from damages from the fast-spreading Caldor Fire.

Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort manager John Rice, who has managed the 2,000 acre resort for nearly three decades told the San Francisco Chronicle that for the past two weeks he watched the wildfire slowly approach the property until it finally reached the resort on Sunday as he watched from the roof of his office.

‘It came in from the west side, almost a bullseye right towards us, this big wall of fire,’ he said.

But Rice and his co-manager were not caught unprepared and did what they could in the days leading up to Sunday, including taping up air ducts to block embers, moving heavy equipment into the resort’s parking lots to spare them from damage.

They also made smart use of cannon-shaped water hydrants that are usually used for snowmaking and turned them towards the resort’s structures, dousing them with water to keep them from catching on fire, the Chronicle reported.

That coupled with help from a 12 man contract crew made up of retired Cal Fire firefighters who helped Rice scrape the landscape of dry materials, chainsaw away branches and drench building exteriors with fire-retardant gel, allowed the resort to survive the passing wildfire intact.

‘If I didn’t get that crew, it’d be a different story,’ Rice told the Chronicle.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Gina Martinez