Jerry Wiles on Prayers and Conversations that Ignite Movements

The Power of Praying the Word of God, and Claiming His Promises

In 1806, Samuel J. Mills, Jr., a student at Williams College was one of five participants in what became known as the famous “haystack prayer meeting.”  It was a catalyst for a good number of significant mission movements.  Mills also led in the formation of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the American Bible Society, the United Foreign Missionary Society, and several other organizations. He is a great example of how one or a few can impact so many.

Consider what it takes to ignite a movement, build a business, or grow a church or organization?  What are the principles, methods or strategies that enable each of us, as followers of Jesus, to make the greatest possible contribution to advancing the Kingdom of God?  These are important questions to ponder, and I suggest there are some very simple and understandable answers.

The Power of Prayer

Another example in Church history is Daniel Nash (1775-1831) who served as Charles Finney’s personnel intercessor. He was key to the revival that followed Finney’s ministry. We can all look at the life of Daniel Nash and see an example of how important prayer is in advancing the Kingdom of God. When God would direct where a meeting was to be held, Nash would quietly go into the town and seek to get two or three people to join in a covenant of prayer with him.  They would pray fervently for God to move in the community.

The lives and influence of those like Mills and Nash should inspire each of us, as followers of Jesus, that we too can be used to ignite and foster movements of God.  Scripture affirmed that we have access to the throne of grace and are invited to come to Him in times of need.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Jerry Wiles