FMI Helps Second Afghan Christian Caravan Resettle in Pakistan

This photo shows Afghan Christians who made the trip from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Photo courtesy of FMI.

The second convoy of Afghan Christians has successfully reached Pakistan after fleeing the Taliban’s rule. Read more about the convoys here. Now, Pakistan has closed its border with Afghanistan and is even trying to send some refugees back.

Nehemiah of FMI says the next task is getting these Christian families resettled in their new homes. “They were staying in Afghan refugee camps, but rape towards children, boys and girls, is very common there, so we are trying to get inexpensive housing for them. A few families we have already shifted to inexpensive housing.”

As the first convoy traveled, they met other families who begged to come with them. You can help FMI get 52 families, over 400 people, into housing. Learn more here.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Help FMI get these families out of the refugee camps and into inexpensive housing.
  • Ask God to strengthen and protect Afghan Christians.