Lebanese Flee With All Possessions they Can Possibly Carry as Country Suffers Total Blackout

The photo shows students in Heart for Lebanon’s Helping Overcome Poverty through Education (H.O.P.E.) program. (Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon on Facebook)

Saturday, Lebanon’s power grid shut down completely. The total blackout ended Sunday when the army supplied emergency fuel. The Energy Ministry says the central bank has loaned $100 million to import fuel and keep the grid up and running.

Beirut airport

This continuing economic crisis is pushing Lebanons’ citizens out of the country.

Tom Atema of Heart for Lebanon describes the scene at the Beirut airport. “People are lined up out the front door trying to get into the airport to get their flight and leave the country forever. They’re weighing every piece of luggage, and if you’re half of a kilogram over, you take stuff out of your suitcase. There are clothes and stuff lying all over that airport floor. And you can tell they’re leaving because their pets are going and everything else.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray this ministry of education will bring the help and hope of Jesus to many families across Lebanon.
  • Ask God to give the Heart for Lebanon team wisdom as they navigate Lebanon’s troubles.