Retired Navy SEAL Reveals Secrets to Going Off Grid: ‘Make Your Plans in Pencil and Give God the Eraser’

At fewer than two people per square mile, Alaska boasts the lowest population density in the country. And for people like Brian Heaphy, that’s one of the biggest reasons to live here. After graduating from the Naval Academy and a successful career as a US Navy SEAL, Heaphy needed a change of pace.

“The deployments are six months long, and I did three back-to-back deployments,” says Brian. “I felt very fortunate to still be alive at the end of those five years.”

So, after resigning his commission, Heaphy went back to his childhood passion – the great outdoors. “I was very blessed to be able to grow up in a rural area, you know that was always my draw. To the outdoors, the wilderness.”

Heaphy took a job as a river guide in Alaska and loved the wide-open spaces and the challenges of living off-grid. And his military experience serves him well when he’s on his own in the backcountry.

“Preparation, self-discipline, learning to form realistic goals according to the time that you have available,” says Brian.

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Source: CBN