Warriors Set Free Helps Veterans Fighting Invisible Battles

Graphic courtesy of Warriors Set Free

November 11 is Veteran’s Day in the United States, honoring American veterans of all wars and military branches. Along with thanking veterans today, remember to pray for those fighting invisible battles.

“We assist veterans in building their faith to heal from the past and win life’s battles,” Director Steve Prince says of Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries.

The most critical conversations turn to Christ and the freedom He offers. “We focus specifically on helping veterans grow in their faith, no matter where they’re at,” Prince says.

“We see a lot of veterans who’ve never had the Gospel explained to them. We get to explain that and see them accept Christ.”

While most veterans transition successfully into civilian life, others struggle against hidden wounds. The veteran suicide rate is 50-percent higher than the national average.

As a veteran-to-veteran ministry, the Warriors Set Free team offers unspoken understanding. More about Warriors Set Free here.

“Veterans have a brotherhood based on our past and the service that we’ve been through,” Prince says.

“They (veterans) call us on our hard days, and they call us to celebrate. I’ve been in prison with veterans, and jails and courtrooms; at weddings and celebrating the birth of a child.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray veterans fighting “invisible” battles find peace and freedom in Christ.
  • Is God calling you to help veterans? Start by helping Warriors Set Free begin work in your state.