Young Dolph’s Girlfriend Mia Jaye Promotes Her ‘Black Men Deserve to Grow Old’ Campaign After Memphis Rapper is Murdered

Young Dolph and family / Instagram

Black men deserve to grow old.

Mia Jaye rallies behind this cause — a campaign dedicated to raising awareness and money for families who have lost their husbands and fathers due to violent crime.

Jaye is the mother of the late rapper Young Dolph’s children. He was shot and killed Wednesday in Memphis.

He was 36.

Jaye, the CEO of Momeo (pronounced Mom-E-O), a social cause initiative involved in campaigns that will support families who face hardships, started the “Black Men Deserve to Grow Old” campaign on Aug. 22 — what would have been her brother Jeremy’s 35th birthday.

Her brother was shot and killed by another black man over a “$3,000 car deal by an unhappy customer,” according to the campaign video.

The campaign was started to help support her brother’s family and two other families “who have experienced loss due to violent ‘intraracial’ crime.”

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SOURCE: Memphis Commercial Appeal, Daniella Medina