Traumatized Refugees Taught to Rely on God for Healing and Restoration

Refugees seeking asylum in Greece are often traumatized, and not always from armed conflict in the Middle East and other areas; some are fleeing lifelong abuse, while others arrive shaken by the dangers of their journey.

Recently a traumatized mother who fled her home in an undisclosed country in the Middle East obtained an appointment with a psychologist through a Christian ministry based in Greece, but she also wanted to speak woman-to-woman with one of the ministry’s two directors.

The refugee had left her four children, ages 4 to 13, behind.

“She left her country running, trying to rescue herself,” the director said. “Her kids didn’t blame her. How could they? They were there when she was abused, and they themselves were and are victims of abuse by her husband who is back in her country with them, spending his life on drugs and no good thing.”

“Right there, the Iraqis started threatening her that if she didn’t stop what she was doing, they would kill her.”

More than once her husband had beaten her unconscious. The daughter of a sheikh (Islamic teacher), she had been raped by her two brothers and another man while growing up, she told the director.

“She was looking for ways to get help and for ways to bring her children to be with her,” she said. “Her husband was blackmailing her into bringing him along to Greece.”

Pointing people toward the Lord is often the first step toward healing and starting life anew. Workers do all they can to meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of troubled refugees, but they know from experience that bringing them closer to the Lord helps resolve other matters.

When the director asked if she could pray for her, though, the abused mother indicated she didn’t understand what she meant; the concept of praying for another person was unknown to her.

“She was looking for answers, but how can people mend all the broken pieces in another person’s soul?” the director said. “Only God can do this! She was prayed over. We are looking forward to seeing God working a miracle in this woman’s life – a miracle of healing and restoration like only He can do.”

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission