How to Help Your Kids with Grief After the Loss of a Pet

The holidays are a time of love and joy, but some feel lingering sadness when precious memories resurface too. We lost our beloved cat of almost 17 years last fall. As a mom of three, parenting writer, and former chaplain, I’m writing this article to equip you with practical tips to help your family through pet loss and grief.

Looking back, I knew the day was quickly approaching when we would have to put our cat down. His health conditions were mounting. He was growing increasingly lethargic as his body was failing. None of us wanted him to suffer.

When the day arrived, I walked into our vet’s office with my two older sons. My youngest son was a toddler; he stayed back with my husband because he was too little to understand. However, the vet was surprised to see my two older sons with me. They were grade and middle-school-aged at the time. As she looked at their tear-streaked faces, she asked me if I really wanted them to remain in the room.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Nelle Kirchner