Three Ways to Avoid Arguments and Discord at Christmastime: Pray, Tone, Focus

Image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Eugene Zhyvchik/Unsplash.

You’ve probably been to a handful of Christmas parties by now – one for work, perhaps; one for church, and maybe one for extended family. Holiday gatherings are great for catching up, but they can also lead to potentially-divisive conversations.

“Do not allow yourself to be dragged into the issues that are dividing and polarizing people,” Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries advises.

“Many of them are political, some of them are medical; these are things that have gotten larger than the importance of the relationship.”

Hutchcraft describes three ways to shift the focus from picking sides to following Jesus.

“The person matters so much more than their position. That’s where winning the heart instead of winning the argument becomes very important.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask the Lord to help you approach every conversation with the heart of Christ.
  • Pray the Lord will prepare family members to receive your words with grace.