Death was Certain, but God had Other Plans

Image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Kate Druchenko/Unsplash.

Religious freedom has come a long way in Egypt since the Arab Spring and subsequent persecution. More about that here.

President el-Sisi took over in 2014 and recently lifted a four-and-half year state of emergency order, citing stability. He put the state of emergency in place after several terrorist bombings at churches.

“El-Sisi has been very gracious to Christians in Egypt. [He’s] been one of the best leaders, as far as respecting Christian beliefs, in the Middle East for a long time. But, of course, that doesn’t mean everybody follows the leader,” Uncharted Ministries’ Tom Doyle says.

Egyptian believers, especially those from a Muslim background, still have to watch their backs. “Even though the leader of the government says ‘We’re not going to allow persecution of Christians,’ it’s still happening,” Doyle says.

“It’s typical for people sharing the Gospel with Muslims to get threats routinely. These can come from terrorist groups; the oppressive Muslim brotherhood is there (in Egypt).”

Abel’s story

Abel and his wife Anna have a thriving ministry reaching Muslims for Christ in Egypt. It quickly drew the wrong sort of attention, but the Lord had a different plan in mind for Abel’s family.

“We thank God for a miracle. This is a beautiful picture of redemption and deliverance,” Doyle says.

“They didn’t die as martyrs. God’s not finished with them, and He’s going to use them more.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Praise God for saving this little family from harm!
  • Pray Abel and Anna will have wisdom regarding their ministry and potential return to Egypt.