God Answers Prayer of North African Muslim Orphan and he Gets Saved

Having spent the first 18 years of his life in an orphanage, Ahmed* was released into an African society that viewed orphans as cursed.

He was living on the streets of a predominantly Muslim country in North Africa, already hardened from the beatings and insults he’d endured at the orphanage. Having no job skills and despised as someone with no family background, he ate only what he stole from markets or received from charities, and he slept in abandoned buildings or under bridges.

One night he was under the stairway of a building entrance, soaked from freezing rain and covered by cardboard, when local missionaries came upon him and asked if he needed anything. They didn’t realize they were interrupting his prayer to God.

“Right away he told us that he had not eaten in several days, so we took him out to eat, got him new clothes, and our local missionary took him to his home to sleep,” the ministry leader said.

“Ayoub did not make a decision to follow Him. He was paralyzed by fear of his friends and the consequences.”

Later, they learned that his mother had left him at the orphanage shortly after birth, and Ahmed told them what he had been praying when they found him: “My God, I have no one in this world, only You can help me. I know I don’t deserve your help, but I have been taught that You are merciful, please help me.”

“We told him that we were the angels God had sent to him, that he was not an orphan and that God wanted to take him as His son through Jesus,” the leader said. “He cried, and days later he received Jesus as his Savior.”

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission