Death of 22-Year-Old Stanford Star Soccer Player Katie Meyer Confirmed as Suicide

Stanford University star soccer player Katie Meyer died by suicide, her mother told NBC’s “Today” show during an emotional interview Friday.

Meyer, a senior who helped secure the 2019 NCAA championship title for the Cardinal, was found dead in her dorm room on Tuesday, according to the university.

“The last couple of days are like a parent’s worst nightmare and you don’t wake up from it, so it’s just horrific,” Gina Meyer, Katie’s mother, said in the taped interview. The Meyers told NBC they spoke to their daughter just hours before she died.

“She was excited and she had a lot on her plate, and she had a lot going on, but she was happy. She was in great spirits,” Gina Meyer said.

“She was the usual jovial Katie,” added Katie’s father, Steve Meyer.

Gina Meyer acknowledged that the pressure to be perfect and “the best” could induce anxiety. But “the only thing we can come up with that triggered something,” she said, was some form of disciplinary action at school. Katie recently had defended a teammate on campus over an incident and she was facing repercussions because of it, her parents said, pointing to that as the possible turning point for their daughter.

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SOURCE: CNN, Stella Chan